Frank White
Business Consultant | Life & Leadership Coach | Motivational Speaker

I have always been a strong believer in life balance. I talk a lot about this when working with clients from one on ones to business groups or corporate teams and I certainly tend to take my own advice. There is, I believe, a work life balance that feeds, supports and motivates the soul of who we are and serves us as we move forward through this great adventure of life. The old adage is true ‘all work and no play makes Joe a dull boy’…

For me I engage in several very diverse activities. I enjoy climbing, hiking, fishing and being outdoors in general. I power walk every morning, enjoy a game of golf and love a long bike ride. A weekend in the mountains is pure joy.

In addition I have a very creative side and love writing. I began writing and painting at a very young age and my new book of poetry will be published later this year along with a new business book that I have been working on. I currently have two additional books under way. We will add a link to my new books as soon as they are released. You can find excerpts of the newest book on my Instagram. Maybe we include a page of excerpts here???

I absolutely love the theater and this next season I will be directing/acting in my 100th show. I have included some of my favorite photos from some of my productions and from some of my theater workshops…

What’s the bottom line, I believe that we all need to have balance. Mine is mine and yours is yours. We define this individually, but we really need to define it and then create the space for it in our lives. Taking care of us allows us to be able to take care of others.
“Love you-Love the world”…….