Current and Accurate Success Paradigms

By Dr. Frank White What metrics or unit of measure should define a person’s paradigm for success? Let’s begin by defining the word paradigm, a success paradigm, or otherwise. Simply stated a paradigm is a way of thinking. So our paradigms begin with our thoughts, which are a by-product of our life experience, our adopted […]

A Simple Question with Powerful Implications

Let be begin by asking you a question, a very simple question, one that is to some an innocuous throw away question. Quite possibly, however, it is the most undervalued question of all time, in terms of its potential power and impact on both the person asking the question and all too often on the […]

Why don’t you like me?

It seems that we are all for the most part driven to have people like us. We want to be accepted, we want to be part of the crowd, we want to be respected, we really want to be appreciated and acknowledged. Seriously this is a driving force, a primal call encoded in our DNA. […]