Notes from AXS International talk…..

Hello and good morning everyone… I’m glad you’re here for this training, for this message, for this opportunity for personal and business growth. According the Dr. Mark Goulston in the Harvard Business Review You are a much more effective business leader when you undertake and invest in both professional AND personal development. I would add […]

Current and Accurate Success Paradigms

What metrics or unit of measure should define a person’s paradigm for success? Let’s begin by defining the word paradigm, a success paradigm, or otherwise. Simply stated a paradigm is a way of thinking. So our paradigms begin with our thoughts, which are a by-product of our life experience, our adopted and acquired mind sets, […]

WEVO Tele-Call

Good Morning Brett and everyone on the call today… I’m really glad to be here with everyone today… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to everyone… This week as Brett said we are discussing business growth-financial independence by creating assets… I prefer to start a couple steps before that and this is an excellent […]