Wevo International Teleconference Talk

The importance of a unified collaborating culture….

The culture of any group, society, organization is the foundational support and driving force of the group. It becomes part of your internal and external language or dialog, the group think, the group talk and it speaks to the guiding principles of the group, and the individual members by association and membership.
The individual and group belief in this culture is critical for your growth and long term success. Apple computer is a classic example of such a culture, where the individual and group belief in the overall culture and guiding principles became an unstoppable energy force on this planet, in the business world and remains so even after the departure of Steve Jobs, who created and embodied this amazing culture that drove Apple to become the iconic symbol of success that it is.
Wevo has been built around some pretty powerful guiding principles, positive energy driven words like unity, harmony, caring, serving, support and positive statements like accurate thoughts and actions, personal and business growth, the law of reciprocity and the forging of real relationships. These are powerful and positive words and positions to stand on. When you take such a stand you will be challenged internally and externally by the universe, it is the nature of the universe. This challenge often comes from what I call the three conversations. From my observation there appears to be three constant conversations taking place that challenges us and those around us. I am currently writing a paper on this to present to a think tank group. The three conversations are:

The conversation we have with ourselves, the conversation we have with others and the conversation we have with the universe. This is true of the individual and of the group. What we tell ourselves, what we tell others and what we tell the universe. We must be ever vigilant and in attention to these conversations, in other words as aware as we can be always paying attention to what we are saying and doing, to stay congruent with our driving principles. There is a harmonic balance that is achieved when we are able to have all three of these conversations in balance, we then are speaking from the clarity of our life’s best conversation.

The energy and content of powerful collaboration literally explodes in this kind of environment. There is an unspoken inner-connectedness that takes place, supported by honesty, openness, transparency, integrity and personally imposed accountability.

One final thought to share is three words, three powerful universal words that speak in the language of the universe.

  • Intention
  • Declaration
  • Expectation

Your intentions will always transparently show through all you say and do, what you declare with intention and irrevocable belief you will manifest in your life, and your expectations must be in alignment with what you intend and declare.
Thank you Brett for inviting me to share a few minutes and a few thoughts with everyone on this global call this morning.
Frank White MBA, PhD